Located in Franche-Comté, the LORIN sawmill specializes in high-altitude fir-spruce wood from the Doubs and Jura mountains. Slow-growing, local construction timbers are distinguished by their homogeneity and fine grain, which facilitates their processing in the most demanding uses.

The LORIN sawmill was created in Frasne in 1991 by Jean-François LORIN, son, grandson and great-grandson of master sawyers. The Lorin sawmill today, they are:

  • 5 hectares of land
  • 2,000 m² of buildings
  • 30,000 m³ of certified logs processed each year

The strengths of our sawmill

  • Systematic square cutting, piece by piece, of the entire production
  • Neat stacking by automatic stacker
  • Short lead times thanks to our production flexibility
  • Rigorous selection of our standing timber
  • Membership of the Jura Supérieur label, a guarantee of quality monitoring and the origin of our woods

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